With advances in smartphone technology, it’s become easier than ever to get a reasonable snapshot of yourself, your family and friends in any location.
So, with the aid of a selfie stick is there any need for a professional studio headshot for your LinkedIn Profile or Professional Bio?

First Impressions

There is no doubt that it’s quick and easy to take a selfie; you can get a half decent shot taken and posted onto your profile in minutes. Convenience is a big draw, but we all know that people judge on appearances. If you’d be happy to attend an interview or client meeting in whatever clothes were closest at hand, then maybe your selfie is fine.
A studio portrait takes planning and preparation. The photographer knows how to make subtle changes to the lighting, styling and pose to show you at your best. The equipment that they’ve invested in produces high-quality images and editing tools can further enhance the end results.
If clients are attracted by your professionalism and the quality of the service you offer, then surely it’s worth making the effort to have a headshot that shows you at your best.

Trust the photographer to help you make the best first impression.