I often got asked, “how do I know if I need new professional photos for my business?”

So what if I start my answer with a couple of questions:

– Do you have photos of yourself on social media
– Do they showcase you in the best possible way?
– Do they show your personality?
– Are they aligned with the work you do?
– Do they reflect your purpose and passion you have for your product or service?
– Do they show how your clients’ life will change after they started to work with you?

Because the photos you are using as a business should do all of these. And more.

Using photography to reinforce your personal brand is an excellent way to take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain.
Pictures and photos evoke emotion and create a connection. When you offer a personal service such as coaching, therapy, design, etc. it is essential that your clients can connect with you from the start. Even if you are running a big company, you have to show the person behind the logo, because people buy into people, so the personal connection is necessary.

Having professional well designed and planned photos for your brand is like the poster for the movie, the cover of the book. Your photos are supposed to tell your audience about you and give a glimpse of what working together could be like. While in your videos and written content, you have the opportunity to go deeper in words or movement, your photos are that first piece that grabs their attention.

So if you answered at least two of the questions above with a NO, then my answer is that YES, it is time to have new personal branding photos for your business.