“So this is how the magic happens!”
These were my student’s words when she saw me taking this photo of my beautiful client.
It happened in 2014. I had been photographing women for about two years at that time when a fellow photographer approached me to teach her what I did. Oh, I remember so well. She arrived at my studio in Hungary we were talking about the idea behind the photos I took, about the poses, lighting. And after my client arrived, we both took out our camera, and there was a big surprise.
At that time, I was shooting with a Pentax KX camera and a fix 50mm lens, and she was using a Canon, don’t remember exactly which model but it was a way better camera than my Pentax. OMG, that surprise on her face!! She didn’t shy away asking if I was really using THAT camera for the sessions.
And as I was photographing Orsi, I showed for both of them this exact image from the back of my camera; these were my student’s words above.
Having the newest camera and lens is not everything. You have to have the training, the experience, the talent. And need to be able to make that special connection with your client to create a trusting environment where they open up and let you see and capture the real person.
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