The Experience

As a child, we see the beauty in ourselves and others. We accept our appearance without focusing on the flaws and we notice the love behind our mother’s smile rather than her wrinkles.

My aim is to help women to see their natural beauty through my eyes. I want them to notice the warmth in their eyes, the shine of their hair, the grace in their posture and how they light up a room.


Before the camera makes an appearance, we will meet for a pre-consultation. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, discuss hairstylesµ, makeup and outfits for the photo shoot. Let me discover how your dream to be photographed.


Few people feel naturally confident in front of the lens, so on the day of the photoshoot, we’ll begin with a hair and make-up session. The styling isn’t to transform you, it is to enhance your natural features and to ensure you feel pampered.

We’ll also agree on the outfits that you wish to be photographed in and I’ll show you some poses which you can try out before the camera makes an appearance. This investment in preparation helps us to relax, build trust and feel special. This results in a better photo shoot.

The Photo Shoot

When you are feeling relaxed and looking fantastic, I’ll begin capturing what makes you unique and attractive. I’ll direct you through the photo shoot, show you subtle changes in position and pay attention to every last detail, to ensure your natural appeal shines through.

You’ll have the opportunity to change outfits several times during the photo shoot and showcase the different sides of your personality. We’ll work together to achieve the images that you dream of.

The Reveal

I don’t show you the photos on the day, as the process isn’t complete. The next phase is for me to select a collection of the best shots and to enhance the details before I invite you back to the reveal. This final stage isn’t about changing you into someone you can’t recognise, but to really bring out your natural beauty.

In the reveal, I hope you will see yourself from a fresh perspective. You’ll understand why others are drawn to you and the impression you make.

My photo shoot experience isn’t just about the final image; I want you to feel confident in yourself, your natural appeal and what you are capable of. My photoshoot experience will help you to feel on top of the world.

If the time is right to build your self-belief, to see yourself through fresh eyes and to capture an important moment before time passes by, please get in touch, to ask questions or arrange an appointment.