Can you imagine having personal branding and business photos that portray you in a way that attracts lots of new clients and businesses? Can you imagine photos that change the way you see yourself? Yes, they even can be some boudoir photos. What does being an empowering photographer of women means exactly?

I have been thinking a lot about my business lately. Where do I imagine it in two and five years? What do I want to achieve in the short term and long term? And oh yes I have big plans.

I have been thinking a lot about my business lately. Where do I imagine it in two and in five years? What do I want to achieve in the short term and long term? And oh yes I have big plans.

I love what I do. And I am in that fortunate position that I do something for a living that I love, and yes I am quite good at it.

Do you know what the most loved part of my job is? Not the photos themself; however, I love taking empowering photos of women. But the fact that I can make changes in my clients’ life through my portraits and the experience they are having with me during their personal branding photo session, business portrait or boudoir session.

How do I do this?

Let me introduce myself.

personal branding photo Bori Bojthe

Bori Bojthe – self-portrait

I am Bori Bojthe, an empowering photographer of women. I am an award-winning international   photographer; my work has been exhibited in the Louvre and featured in The Exposure Award   Portrait Collection Book.

I transform women through my portraits and empower them through this transformation.

It doesn’t matter what type of photos I take of you; all the personal branding, business headshot and bousdoir sessions start with getting to know you better, not just as a professional but as a person as well. Your dreams, your fears. The way you think about yourself, what you like or dislike of your appearance. What your hopes and purposes are. Where you are now in your life journey and where you want to be in 1, 3 or 5 years. I will ask questions but also share a part of my life with you. This is my way of building trust and creating a safe  environment.

So If I am photographing you to have photos for personal use, for your family or boudoir photos for yourself, I will make you feel good about yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin. I will help you to see how strong and confident you are, and above all these will show your vulnerable, feminine side as well. I will show a different version of yourself, different from the one you see every day in the mirror. I will change the way you see yourself as a woman. That results in personal development, feeling more confident in every part of your life. If I am honest the best way to achive is to have boudoir photos as well as part of a session.  See a couple of before and after photos HERE

If I am photographing you for your business, having a personal branding session or just a couple of business headshots, I get to know your business better first, ask questions that encourage you to dig deeper in what you want to achieve and why you are doing what you do. With all this knowledge, we design a personal branding session. We pick a location, all the props we are going to use, the colours, the mood, the poses, all aligned with your core value, your purpose and your message. During the photo session, I take images that reflect your personality, are aligned with your business, convey the right message and attract your ideal client. The photos will present your future, more successful self, that will inspire your audience to work with you or buy your products and services. With my help, you will be able to elevate your business, and professional life, take it to the next level and earn more money.

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