I only need one headshot as a profile picture. Well, No.

What do you think would make you feel more confident making new business connections, having a business card with a photo that looks like the one on your driving licence, or with one that shows your confident, professional and approachable self?

Would it matter, do you think if the photos you use could tell your story to your clients? Would you like imagery for your business that is aligned with your purpose, and intention and convey the right message attracting our ideal client?

Your headshot, your photos, all your imagery can do this, so before you decide to have just one headshot, please think about your plan. Where do you want to be in 1 or 3 years? How do you imagine your business and professional life to be? The photos should show everybody your future even more successful self. And one headshot can’t do anything like this. Please take a look at the photos you are using right now. What do they tell about you? Do they show your best possible self?

I would love you to tell me how long you have been using your present profile picture.