Being an entrepreneur already is a way of living your life that doesn’t suit everyone. It is not enough to be good at what you do. You need to stand out from the hundreds of similar businesses, find your niche and find your unique voice to be the one the people are drawn to.

Being a portrait and branding photographer, I easily could say, yes, the best way to make you stand out is to have some photos professionally taken. But I will be honest with you, having great images (either professional photos of you or using stock images) on their own will be not enough.

Your imagery has to be aligned with your brand.
You need to have a brand strategy
You need to know your purpose, your values, your ‘why’ and what made you start your business in the first place.
You need to be clear on who your ideal client is, why you want to help exactly them, and how you want to make them feel.

All of these above should be the base of your main message, and the imagery you use should support this message.

So before you decide to have a personal branding photo session, there are some essential questions you need to think about.

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