The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is #BeBoldForChange, so how can we translate this into a practical way of making a positive difference in ourselves?

Not all change is radical, on occasions, all that’s needed is a fresh perspective. Being happy in our own skin has such an impact on our self-belief and our ability to #BeBoldForChange.

Many of the women who come to my photographic studio are incredibly talented, naturally beautiful, healthy, kind and considerate individuals, but they fail to see it. Their focus is drawn to what they aren’t happy with. As a result, they often hold back on the things they want to achieve, waiting until the ‘right time’.

My photography sessions are all about making someone feel special. I take time to ensure that my clients feel confident, pampered and relaxed during the photo shoot. When the images are revealed, the women often see themselves through fresh eyes. They notice their appealing features and see the person that others love and admire. They realise that there is no time like the present!

Could it be that appreciating what we’ve got and learning to love every aspect of what makes us unique is one very positive change we could all make?