I ofthen got asked: Can I just take photos of myself with my phone?

The newest smartphones do take quite good quality photos. BUT

Did you know that the front camera on most phones is equivalent to an approx 24mm wide-angle lens that has distortion that affects the shape of your face?
Did you know that any part of your body is closer to the camera; the bigger they seem to be.

When you are taking a selfie, you hold your camera approx 1ft away from your face. Adding to this a wide-angle lens, it enlarges everything even more, such as your nose.  If you use the normal camera of your smartphone then as you don’t see yourself. You have to have someone that knows what he or she is doing, you need to be lit and pose properly, etc. to make it look like a professional shot

So as your business and your profile are online, everybody who finds you, and sees you, they will have their first impression based on this photo
The question is whether you want to make an impression as somebody who uses a selfie. Or somebody who values their business, their customers.
Who understands that having a professionally taken photo is a tool to build trust, it conveys your message and attracts your ideal client If they like you, they more likely will buy from you