Through the winter months, we typically spend the majority of our time indoors. The heating’s on, we have minimal exposure to natural sunlight and this plays havoc with our skin. By March, few of us are looking fresh-faced and radiant, so how can we boost our complexion?

5 Make-Up Tips:

A make-up session is one of the ways I help ladies to relax and feel pampered before a photo shoot, here are my tips for looking fabulous even when your skin is pale.

  1. If you are confident with applying foundation and have found a colour to suit your skin, this is a great base. If you generally avoid foundation, a tinted moisturiser is a good alternative. Be careful to blend this base layer beyond your chin line.
  2. A light application of pink or peach blush onto the cheeks, the temple and across the perimeter of your forehead will enhance your features and add colour.
  3. When it comes to pale skin, brown or grey mascara and eyeliner create less of a contrast, so are preferable to black. When it comes to eyebrows, just opt for a shade darker than your natural brows to add subtle definition.
  4. Green, blue, purple or brown, you can choose your favourite colour of eyeshadow. A lighter application during the day will help to bring out the colour of your eyes, whilst you may want to create a more dramatic look for an evening out. The key to success is blending.
  5. Finally, lipstick offers the final opportunity to add colour. Pale and neutral colours can leave you looking pasty, so be bold!

When we look good, we feel good. This gives us the confidence to excel in a job interview, try a new activity, shine at a social function or even have a studio photo shoot!