I am interested in any kind of photos, not just your business headshot, but pictures for personal use such as portraits boudoir family, etc.

I have 10 objections for you bellow to choose from. I want you to pick your number and put it in the comment section. But if you have any other objections, please put that also in the comments below, I would love to know them.

1. I am not photogenic. I have never liked any of the photos of myself.

2. I will have photos taken when I lose some weight.

3. I hate having my photos taken – in this case, I would like to know WHY

4. I don’t want to pay for a photographer when I have my phone, or my friend has a camera.

5. I only want photos of my kids

6. I don’t have the funds yet.

7. I am too old for this, why would I have photos of myself? This is for the young ones

8. I don’t have any suitable wardrobe

9. What would I do with that many photos of myself?

10. I want all the images on a USB for £50 Pick one and put the number into the comment.