Five Steps to a Perfect Body

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We’ve been led to believe that achieving the perfect figure will lead to happiness, but the perfect body doesn’t exist. As many people have lost confidence and lead unhealthy, unfulfilled lives in pursuit of this unattainable goal, things simply have to change. We need a fresh perspective. What do others see in you? Could [...]

Selfie Stick or Studio Headshot?

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With advances in smartphone technology, it’s become easier than ever to get a reasonable snapshot of yourself, your family and friends in any location. So, with the aid of a selfie stick is there any need for a professional studio headshot for your LinkedIn Profile or Professional Bio? First Impressions There is no doubt [...]

5 Make-Up Tips for Pale Skin

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Through the winter months, we typically spend the majority of our time indoors. The heating’s on, we have minimal exposure to natural sunlight and this plays havoc with our skin. By March, few of us are looking fresh-faced and radiant, so how can we boost our complexion? 5 Make-Up Tips: A make-up session is [...]

What does Mum Really want?

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 What does Mum Really want? As Mother’s Day approaches, the shops are filled with cards, chocolates and flowers. These gifts maybe beautifully presented and are ideal if you’ve left it until the last minute, but they often fall short of the mark. The reality is that however delightful a box of tempting treats or [...]

Be Bold for Change

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The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is #BeBoldForChange, so how can we translate this into a practical way of making a positive difference in ourselves? Not all change is radical, on occasions, all that’s needed is a fresh perspective. Being happy in our own skin has such an impact on our self-belief and [...]

What should you give or ask for Christmas?

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Sparkle this Christmas   Whether it’s the baubles on the tree or your favourite party outfit, Christmas is a time to sparkle. As individuals, there are a few essentials that we need in order to sparkle. We must feel uplifted, confident and happy in ourselves. It is only then that we are ready to [...]